Scrapbook I

Visitation 7th Grade must be 1953:       (photo submitted by Jeanne)

Front row:  Louis Williams, Jerry Bromenschenkel, Billy Imes, Phillip Beauprez, John Kolata, Rosemary Richards, Jeanne VanNieuwenhuyse, Terry Zang, Mary Ann Boylan, Patty Wilamoski, Susan Nosalik
Middle row:  Julie Niedziela, Sharon Dragolovich, Tom Kapacinskas, Eugene Jones, Rita Gedville, JoAnn Callewyn, Anita Duytschaver, Joan Sovanski, Pete Terry, Paul Lappin
Back Row:  Sister Dennis, Sharon Euard, Charlie Hayden, Bob Jackson, Mary Boswell, George Tiemann, Larry Euchaski, Marcia VerHagen, Philip Kohler, Tom Carney
*note--Sharon Dragolovich and Rosemary Richards went to Wethersfield.  I don't know what happened to Louis Williams (he wasn't at Vis very long).




Jeanne submitted the picture, Beth submitted the names and we owe a debt of gratitude to Beth's mother who had the forsight to record the names on the back of the picture.

Here are the names:
Susan Palmer, Marilea White, Mary Lee Groebe,Linda Reid, Lorene Josephson, --- Zellhuber, Patricia Reiff, Beth Swanson, Sandy Thiessen, Sharon Zonkel, Mary Boswell, Sharon Euard, Karen Rocholl, Virginia Hanna, Linda Rinella, Nancy Anderson, Vicki Van Wyke, Carol DeLathouwer, Jane Schneider.

2nd row:  Dick Calcutt, John Ohlson, --?  Mystery boy?, Keith Pettersson, Steve Mooney, Bob Hatcher, Jim May, Jerry Bromenschenkel, Charles Hainline, Tom Carney, Hayden Johnson, Bob Broman, Jan Ebert, Robin Faull, Allan Hultgren, John Peden, Terry Zang, Bob Smith, Steve Dahl, Cully Taylor, Curt Daschle.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer: Down in the lower right hand corner of the screen is a percentage. You can adjust that percentage upward to as high as 400%. In other words - you can zoom in or "blow up" the picture to get a better look since the picture is so small. Unfortunately, zooming in also increases distortion but it may help to identify who is in the picture.












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Members of the Drake University backfield in the early 1960s are pictured. From left are Paul Kassulke, who played for 10 years with the Minnesota Vikings, achieving All Pro status several years; Terry Zang, who went on to play back-up quarterback to Bart Starr with the Green Bay Packers; Jim Evangelista, who became a high school coach in Chicago; and Ron Olson, a Manilla native who now leads a top national law firm. (Taken from Iowa Independent article featuring Ron Olson - he is not Kewanean Ron Olson)