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•   Randall Lindsey  3/3
•   Jim Manthe  9/23
•   Patricia Reiff (Dickson)  3/14
•   John Redin  8/21
•   Kristi Swearingen (Eberhardt (S Euard Daughter))  4/9
•   Karen Rocholl (Ramsey)  8/5
•   Randy Swearingen  4/24
•   Dave McIntire  4/24
•   Jacki Sinn (Bailleu)  2/9
•   Duane Roesner  6/7
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•   Tom Van Court  6/4
•   Karen Wahlbeck (Harriman)  6/6
•   Hayden Johnson  6/12
•   Duane Roesner  6/19
•   Anita Duytschaver (Heaton)  6/29
•   Patricia Wilamoski  7/3


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Kewanee, IL - Home of the Boilermakers!
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Click here to view 2009 (50th) class picture!
Picture of KHS'59 Women Get-together at Jeanne's house December 2022. 

 Pictured clockwise are, Bonnie Hechtner Nash, Nancy Anderson Parker, Lorene Josephson Tuthill, Beth Swanson Taheri, Pat Grier Tomsic, Karen Rochelle Ramsey, Anita Duytschaver Heaton, and Suzanne (Cathy Klinetop Johnson's sister - Suzanne now lives in Kewanee). Missing is the camera person Jeanne DeConinck.


Picture of KHS'59 Classmate Patty Wilamoski
December 2022. 

 Patty is now in assisted living.  She looks great in this picture, what appears to be a very nice place in Kewanee and she seems to be doing better in her new home.


Picture of Classmates Get-together at Cernos August 22, 2022. 

 Pictured (seated) are Carol DeLathouwer, Karen Rocholl Ramsey, Jeanne DeConinck, Anita Duytschaver Heaton, Lorene Josephson Tuthill, Bonnie Hechtner Nash, Patricia Grier Tomsic

(Standing) Jim Manthe, John Boling, Charles Webb, Keith Pettersson, Duane Roesner, Nancy Anderson Parker, Lee Monroe



Picture of classmates and spouses/guests Get-together at Cernos August 22, 2022. 

Pictured (seated) are Carol DeLathouwer, Karen Rocholl Ramsey, Jeanne DeConinck, Anita Duytschaver Heaton, Lorene Josephson Tuthill, Bonnie Hechtner Nash, Patricia Grier Tomsic

(Standing) Leroy Carpenter, Jim Manthe, John Boling, John Tomsic, Charles Webb, Cyndy Webb, Keith Pettersson, Ron Tuthill. Duane Roesner, Doris Roesner, Nancy Anderson Parker, Dave Nash, Lee Monroe, Julie Boling


Click here to see larger images of the luncheon on August 22, 2022 at Cernos.


Picture of Gals +1 Get-together at Baker Park August 2022. The presumed occasion was Cathy Klinetop Johnson visiting in K-Town! FYI - Kathy's sister Suzanne and husband have moved back to Kewanee

 Pictured (seated) are Karen Rocholl Ramsey, Jeanne DeConinick, Nancy Anderson Parker, Carol DeLathouwer Carpenter, and LeRoy Carpenter. (Standing) Lorene Josephson Tuthill, Cathy Klinetop Johnson, Beth Swanson Taheri.




Picture of Gals Get-together at Baker Park on April 25, 2022. The occasion was Trish Dickson visiting in K-Town!

 Pictured in the front row are Trish Dickson, Bonnie Nash, Jeanne DeConinick. The back row is Beth Taheri, Lorene Tuthill, Pat Tomsic, and Nancy Parker.




Picture of Classmates Get-together at Happy Joes on July 27, 2021

Front row: Mr. Golby, Larry Lyle, Julie Niedziela Cromien, Carol Delathouwer Carpenter, Delores Logsdon Lindstrom, Karen Rocholl Ramsey, Patricia Grier Tomsic. Second and Third Row interspersed: A guy from Galva, Jeanne VanNieuwenhuyse DeConinck, Bonnie Hechtner Nash, Nancy Anderson Parker, Beth Swanson Taheri, Lorene Josephson Tuthill, Leroy Carpenter, Duane Roesner, Lee Monroe, John Boling , Karen Oldeen, Keith Pettersson, Doris Roesner, Julie Boling, Ted Oldeen, Lloyd Lindstrom. The “Guy from Galva” graduated from Galva in 1959. His daughter took this picture so the class invited him to be in the photo.

Click here to view a larger image of get-together and some other photos at Happy Joes



Picture of Classmates at the 60th Reunion August 19, 2019

Pictured left-to-right seated: Janet Balsis McPheeters, Delores Logsdon Lindstrom, Karen Wahlbeck Harriman, Patricia Wilamoski, Anita Galloway Portner, Kathy Klinetop Johnson, next row Jim Manthe, Lee Monroe, Karen Rocholl Ramsey, Kay Dutshaver Heaton, Patricia Grier Tomsic, Jeanne VanNieuwenhuyse DeConinck, Lorene Josephson Tuthill, Lynne Strom Kuzminski, Fred Hanson, Charles Webb, back row Larry Lyle, Beth Swanson Taheri, Nancy Anderson Parker, Bill Imes, Duane Roesner, Gloria Strange, Cully Taylor, Keith Pettersson, Ted Oldeen and John Boling.

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